Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank You

When the day opens up before you wide 
with memories of last night's 
perfect date night 
and two blonde baby girls are dropped off at the bus door, 
their baby dolls in tow. 
When their mom packed fresh tomatoes 
and cheese and bread for snacking. 
When later there will be seed planting
and dirt tilling 
and friends with Rancheritos and coca' 
and more babies-- boys this time. 
When my kids and I analyze literature
in the middle of planting cilantro
and my husband is wishing he were home. 
When there is the option to go to prayer meeting later 
to praise and petition 
and eat carne de res and lift up our voices 
and linger on the patio and sit by the fire 
and drink dirty marts or  black and velvets 
and listen to the kids get sleepy 
and talk about living in Mexico or
music or films we want to see or make.
When we feel the freedom to stay home, 
with our kids and rest and read, and eat curry chicken salad with apples instead. 
When we know we are being loved 
by God 
by His people-our people- 
it's so easy to be thankful that 
sometimes we forget.
Let's be the ones 
who remember. 
Let us be the ones who say 
thank You.


Unknown said...
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White Dalia said...

I cannot wait to have you meet my little brownie. Hope you make it into my kitchen and try our awesome nummies :)