Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mom's Day Revisited

A few of my friends decided that Mother's Day should be at the end of July. May is too busy with weddings, awards banquets, graduations and all. We have to rush, rush, rush just to RELAX for a day.

The kids made me French toast for breakfast and showered me with some interesting gifts: a hand-made bouquet of feather flowers, some finger nail polish, a kite, and lots of questions about the kind of skates I want.

Even though I didn't get to see my mom, or any mom-type units on Mother's Day, I had a great Mother's Day. My own tribe agreed to be dragged to Fort Worth to watch the final Dallas rehearsal for She: Bike, Spoke, Love. They actually paid attention and Chris even said one of my monologues was "chilling."

We came home, where Chris gave the fish he and Chaz caught, a hot-oil bath and we stuffed our faces and played one of those complicated Cranium games which was pretty hilarious. Chris and I kicked the little kids' tails and then we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's:)

I didn't get the chance to fly my kite until this week because these last months have been such a booty kicker.
It's simple, but pretty.
And randomly, two days before Father's Day, to make up for the skates I didn't get, Chris bought me a bike:)
That's cool. I don't mind spreading the holiday out.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: In My Place by Coldplay

I took the little Sweet  and two of her friends to see Coldplay Friday night for the beginning of her Quince year- I will explain this later.

I was expecting a pretty mellow pop-rock-ish kind of concert, just based on the music. I forgot the amount of underlying energy in most of their songs. Chris Martin ran around the stage like a kid hopped up on sugar. It was infectious.

We were the choir. We were the light show.

We swayed. We sang. We rocked.
We're still basking in the glow.

It was a wonderful, wonderful show.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Ride

I am trying not to mourn the occasional morning dates Chris and I get to have with his work schedule and my random gigs, while I still get to experience them.
I start work in 8 weeks, but I'm trying not to let the summer slip away without enjoying my days and my family.
It is not easy. There are so many things to do. But I am remembering to go slow, not to spin and toil and fret. I am remembering to be happy.

Morning bike ride around White Rock Lake.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: ? by ? and a Raine Wedding Top Ten

A few weeks ago, some good friends of ours were married and the wedding was a blast. One night a few months before, the groom to be, Corey mentioned he had the song that he wanted played when his bride walked down the aisle picked out since he was fourteen. If that's not romantic enough for you, it was performed by a string quartet.
Chloe and I were dumb enough to ask if it was a secret, and right then and there they decided it was. So we spent a little bit of time thinking back to that time period and were totally sure it was a U2 song of some sort, but alas, we were wrong. 
So, to make you experience the waiting and wondering, uhm, a few seconds more, I made a top ten list of things I saw, that doesn't include the actual nuptials, because I wouldn't want to trivialize such a sacred covenant or the luminescent love that flowed through the happy couple all night long. 

Top Ten Things I Saw/Experienced at the Raine Wedding 
(Mostly on the Dance Floor;)

10. Getting eaten alive in the photo booth. (By Chris, of course.)
9. Doing the wobble with my girl, who taught it to me the night before. (And the wop, a bit later)
8. Watching Chris not only eat someone else's fajita meat, but like it so much, he went back for seconds.
7. Seeing Melissa Montgomery learn the Cupid Shuffle.
6. Seeing Josh, her husband, attempt, to learn the cupid shuffle.
5. Ian Bridgeman snaking out onto the floor and he and Chase, getting down, with the get down.
4. Rob Hendrick, asking me a question about a play I had just finished, right at the moment I was about to cry during the Mother and Son dance. Safe!
3. Bethany Warren, shaking her tiny, but mighty booty.
2. Watching from the sidelines as Chandler, the best man and brother of the groom,  and his mother, Mikaela, danced late in the evening. She was wearing his top hat, and at one point, during a turn, it fell to the floor. The next moment, they disappeared behind a pillar, but I could see Chandler's foot as he juggled the hat on his toe, flipped it into the air, caught it and placed it gingerly on his head. Like watching a movie, I swear:)
1. Finally finding out what song Corey had chosen for his bride's processional. Tah-dah! (okay, # 2 is really #1, but it didn't work a s a segue;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012


A turning over
and over of the brain.
God, You have my attention.
I feel no need to call out.
You are here.
If You have lips, they are pursed.
I focus on finite details; You don't.
When you are finished adjusting my inward view,
I will get up, move,
decide, with everything paired down-
a tunnel vision created for clarity:
A son's baseball game-go/
no dishes, or laundry, or sweeping.
Just dress, just go.
A celebration for the sister by the pool-relax/
no cooking, or cleaning, or decorating.
Just hang, just relax.
A covenant made by young believers-honor it/
no fussing, rushing, or last-minute wrapping.
Just attend, just honor it.
And so it happens--
Your expectations met in the most intentional way,
in the eye of a brain hurricane.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: City Lights by Hendrick

Hendrick broke up last year, but never managed to have their final show due to ah . . .  I'm not sure. Travel, family, logistic type stuff? Anyway, last Saturday, they finally came back together, just to perform their last show.
This is not a video of their last performance; I'm not sure if there is any video of the last show.
But, this is my final nod to some croony tunes Chloe and I love to sing along to.
We church/have churched with a few of the members of the band and hove come to know the others as a group of cool, humble guys. (Yes, that's Chris on the trumpet, for just this song:)
We look forward to seeing what kind of musical endeavors these guys get into in the future.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buddy League

Buddy League, a Garland baseball club created by Heather Miller and her family, had the last game of spring season this weekend and some special guests showed up to cheer the players on!
The Mavs Maniacs showed us what they were made of: good cheer and festive moves!
We appreciate the show of some maniac love!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: Do you Realize by the Flaming Lips

For my sister's birthday we bought KXT's Summer Cut Tickets and vegged out at Gexa for an evening and listened to some impressive local music (some of which has been posted here already:), leading up to some pretty amazing neighbors from Oklahoma.
I have been singing this song non-stop since then.
1. Because it's beautiful.
2. Because I woke up with vertigo the next morning, so the illusion of spinning is a very present issue in my life at the moment. ( The concert was not too loud, but they did have some amazing light/laser art going on, so who knows?)

Anyway, for my sister, my spinning head, and making good things last. You betta realize . . .

Friday, June 1, 2012

Leftovers Gone Wild

After stuffing some Pablanos, like pinatas, there was a bit of leftover filling.
I had just taken some things out of the fridge to try and make room for some produce and I found in the mix a lone eggroll wrap. That chorizzo and cheese filling was begging for a scrambled egg, a little blanket, and a hot oil bath!
Breakfast for a hungry teenager who is looking for a job and practicing impromptu essay writing.