Friday, June 21, 2013


After a year of bleary eyed panic, I packed up my teacher belongings and now find myself wandering the "career" road once again. What am I going to do now, you ask. (I assume you will ask this because that's what everyone asks, except for one cool lady who just said, "Good for you!") Oh, I don't know. Sub for Thriving Minds maybe? Sub for DISD? Teach the Spoken Word portion of the after school program next year? Keep Hug Life going at my former school? Volunteer at the Writer's Garrett? Go back to school? Clean? Cook? Exercise? Read? Laundry? See my friends? Help my son fill out college applications? Help my daughter start the dual credit program at Richland? Take my grandmother to her doctor visits? Write a book? Convince my mother to let me taker her to her doctor visits? Finish editing a short film? Go to my own doctor visits? (Says the girl with five cavities:)Oh, yeah and stop speed flossing? You, know. Stuff.