Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Wants

I don't know if you have ever fallen in love with a building, but I have. More than once. My most recent structure being the vacant church next door to our apartments.

I actually noticed it years before we moved here. I thought it would be a great venue for weddings and events and Chris and I have been talking about a "place" for our "stuff" forever. But you, know, we didn't have a million dollars laying around which, by the way, was an exceptionally good deal!

I thought it was odd that I ended up moving right next door to the building that I have been WANTING for so long. I mean, I walk out my door, turn right and BAM, there it is, or was, or is beginning not to be.

God is always teaching me about wanting. 

My response to Him is usually a whiny, "Goooood, this is a GOOD want." But He knows I can be voracious--like a mini-Godzilla in my pursuit of what I want, over what He wants for me.
And so I wait.

And watch the church I daydreamed about for so long get leveled and the land prepared for the new YMCA.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Common is Right

What I thought was going to make the college application process a zillion times easier has only proven to be exasperating.
Maybe it's because Caleb's transcript is pieced together from home-school, private school and community college, or because I have a negative hum when it comes to technology and I keep getting responses that say a certain action is off-line. 
So has my middle finger.
BUT for those of you who are thinking that using the Common Application to apply for college will make this process a hundred times easier because of the opportunity to apply online, you can meet me  at Kinko's bright and early tomorrow morning, where I will be making copies of paperwork to SNAIL MAIL.
I'd offer to buy you coffee, but since I have missed a few windows of opportunity to SUBMIT because of the COMMON Application , I will now be using my grocery money to apply to a couple of private schools that don't even need the money.
It's bad enough I have to turn my kid over to you. Do you have to take my money and sanity, too?
Apparently. Apparently.