Monday, March 28, 2011

Mondays Much Needed Song of the Day: Fever by La Lupe

Chris and I will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this week and I've had trouble deciding on a song to post for the EVENT:)

I figure, it's my blog, I can post more than one if I want.

Last weeks song, "Animal" by Neon Trees, would be a good indicator of how our relationship started and this week's song gives a good indicator of how we managed to keep it going. Even when we were thinking about chucking it all a couple of times . . .  the fever ensued.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lily May Clark is a Comin'

So her parents (weird saying that, but cool) asked us to come to her house to paint sea creatures and jungle creatures on her walls. We ate organic all beef hotdogs, watched cute, cute, cute kids paint with stencils, listened to music,  and painted a bit ourselves.
Here is the evidence.

Amidst all the usual struggles, it was fun to be me today. Can't wait to see Lily May checking out her digs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: Animal

In honor of our almost anniversary, I thought I'd post this song. It reminds me of being sixteen, or twenty-eight, or thirty-six, or maybe it just reminds me of being  well, ahhhh  . . . human.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Pocket

This doesn't seem fair really.
Why are you so beautiful?
How many times have you stretched your hand out to me
and how many more, after I have closed my eyes?
You and me, may be on alternate planes
but we are flowing through the veins
of the same celestial being.
I don't know how, but I can taste you.
I find the crease in your hand and nestle in,
fold over the tiny tab of skin
thinking I am clever,
that I can disappear into your palm.
Maybe wait there, patiently
for you to put your hand in your pocket
and take me home.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: Smile by Eyedea and Abilities

Today is my son Caleb's 15th birthday. He D.J.'s in the car on the way to drum lessons when it's just he and I. I can see him waiting for me to tell him to switch songs, mention the language or the topic, see if I will ask him why he is listening, ask if he gets a reference. This is the song I chose to post for him. He plays it a lot. It's a bit depressing, but it has some hope and no n-words.
I only hope he understands tearing walls down is hard, building them is harder. The hardest part though is knowing which one's to tear down and why AND then how, when, where and most importantly any new building should take place.
I pray the Holy Spirit gives him discernment. That he goes forth in the world with a firm foundation in the knowledge of God. That he follows Jesus' example--when to toss the temple tables, how to weep with the mourners, and that he stays in constant communication with his Maker.
May the courage to encourage--to build up the body of believers be always overflowing, no matter the weight of evident despair.
May he always find Joy in the love of Jesus.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rough Draft

I love you.
It isn't that hard really.
Just saying.
I don't mind crumbs.
I like sticking my wet finger in
shiny crystal specks I lick,
that just make me thirsty.
I drink then,
water from the faucet,
staring out the kitchen window at
the playground outside.
The swing swaying in
the advisory warning air.
Icing isn't necessary.
I take deep breaths instead.
Surely you are here somewhere.
A spoon in your hand.
Trying to figure out
why I am so hungry.
All the time hungry.
Me, winning a bite here and there
of your beauty.
Making your desires my own
without even so much as a prayer.
All I'm saying is,
all I'm trying to say is,
I love you.
It's easy really,
when there is no decision to be made.
When the fading sunlight shoots patterns
on the back of my hands,
when cool is coming down
but I'm warm in places,
when the door is ajar
and I can hear the locusts
high warble--
a song for us.
An unsteady, kindling
of sound
akin to my assemblage of words.
Just simply saying,
I love you.