Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I Am Leaving!"

On the way down to Mexico with the Clark family, in our delirium, we began to quote King Curtisof youtube/wifeswap fame. In case you've missed out on the hilarity, here is a highlight reel:"> Everyone who knows me knows that I have a problem leaving. Somewhere in my psyche there are 8 things I'm supposed to do before I hit the door and 12 things I should be taking with me, and I don't know, leaving is just hard. Leaving Mexico, was not just hard because I was leaving behind some great friends, but because I had not planned for how to get home. We had a few issues. I had a tooth ache, but had enough pain meds that I thought I could make it home. I also thought buses left for the states every two hours, and they do, with a stop and switcharoo in Monterey which Rachel was unwilling to let me do. For those of you who know Rachel, you know she is fairly fearless. So when she said there was no way she was letting me stop in Monterrey, I listened. So we started asking friends for frequent flyer donations to defray the cost, and they had plenty to offer, but do you you know how many hoops American Airlines makes you jump through just to donate/receive miles from a few friends? And that it would end up almost costing the same amount as a regular fair? Grrrh. Eventually, a dear friend of mine, came to my rescue with enough miles for a complete ticket and I was on my way. I returned home to my hilarious husband who made me promise to never leave him again and a new to me car, and some super-cute, hungry kids who missed me. And a much-needed dentist with a tooth file in hand:)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Morning Work-UP

After sitting in a car, on the bus, and on the curb for four days, I decided to get a little ejercisio with the Wee Clarks. 


Stair masters have nothing on the Hills of Atotonilco. Rachel wss worried the kids would slow me down. As you can see, this was not the case. 
My calves have still not forgiven me. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


It took us four days, some hoop jumping at the Border,   major prayers laced with the truth of God's love and provision. 
The Clark family, Jubilee and I arrived safely in Atotonilco on the 4th of July. 
There were no fireworks or parades, but I  imagine the host of our travel Angels celebrating our arrival with tacos and horchata, then sleepily tag-teaming their Angel partner for duty so they could wash up and go to sleep for a very long while. 
Because that's what we did;)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Setting Jubilee Free

The school bus my family and I lived in for three years has been parked behind our church since we moved into an apartment in the Lakewood area, close to the kids' schools. 
In February Chris started talking about selling it, and I immediately felt ill. 
Jubilee had a major impact on our lives (which you can read in earlier blogs) and selling her felt like selling my kid on the black market. 
I asked Chris if we could give her away instead and he said yes. Without even blinking. 
We chose to bestow her on a super- awesome family we have known for a decade who have been a major blessing in our lives!
This week, I am accompanying themas they  take  their family and Jubi to Atotonilco, Mexico to turn her into a Cafe Movil. 
Please pray for us on our journey! And to keep up with the Clark's or Jubi check here!