I love to make up stories. I love to act them out. My hope is that my words, spoken or on the page will break or bless you. If I show you, you, it’s because it’s me, too. And just so your know, so that I’m truthful and you never feel betrayed, I feel loved by the old church ladies with peppermints in their pockets and all the Vacation Bible School buses in Texas. Even when they didn't get it right, they did more to help set me free than anything else in the world. Even Arts Magnet High School, and that was a Godsend.

I am an actor, writer and educator. My poems were recently featured in the Inverse Looped sound installation at The Nasher Sculpture Center and Mad Swirl Online Journal.
I have performed with Sound Culture in “Palabra, The Written Word Spoken” and “She Bike Spoke Love”, with Echo Theatre in Isabella Russell Ides' “The Early Education of Conrad Eppler.”  I  enjoy performing spoken word with my trumpet-playing husband in the avant-garde jazz band Swirve. I am the mom to three amazing adult children, Chaz, Caleb and Chloe and attend Household of Faith church.

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