Thursday, June 3, 2010

LOST in MY nutshell--A poem and a thought.

Bread Crumb Style

The crumbs I leave,
leave crumbs, too
ants eat them--so tiny.
But the big pieces
stand out
in the terrain,
a reminder of where I’ve been,
  how to get home
because that is
where I came from--
the real know.
A chant forms
 on my lips,
A sip of good
falls from
a tree.

Then I feel the softness in my hand,
the risen dough
smooth and porous,
alive and inviting.
I tear,
 a piece of you,
and you,
to bite, to leave behind,
To find my way back.  
How else?
I must taste my way
To glory
Because this could never be
 all I know
it wouldn’t be.

This is MY take on the TV show LOST (Boo-freakin'-hoo for real!)

Your heart will be broken by someone you love.You will break the heart of someone you love.  You will break your heart--bad. The breaking of your own heart is the worst;forgiving your own self is the hardest. 
We are learning until the last second. We are creating the way to God by believing in the indwelling Christ within each other; and, that place we make, with the fellowship of  believers we hold dear, is the way we endure the glory he has set upon us. We will never do it alone, or perfectly or neatly or righteously, but he will honor us in the offering.

Do not forsake the fellowship of believers and don't stop believin', yo. 

Yes, I am singing the Journey song.