Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Je Ne Sais Pas

     This was not the blog I planned on posting today, but it won't let me go.
     A dream I had last night. 
     I am in a tall building with a river running through the center. I am a glorified gopher on a small set and Norah Jones is the star. She is wearing too much make-up and thinks it's funny. I think it's funny, too.
     On the streets of downtown Dallas my cousin is looking for me. She is wobbly and disoriented.
     Suddenly I am in Baghdad holding a camera and looking into the sky. Pieces of airplane are falling from the air. I dodge a piece of the engine by ducking into a half covered video game arcade. I crawl into a clear bubble that turns out to be a gyroscope game. 
     "Get the shot! Get the shot!" Someone is screaming at me. Then a button is pushed and I am spinning like a hamster in his toy ball after it has been kicked down the stairs. Finally, jerked to a stop I hear, "Get the shot! Get the shot!' 
     Looking into the sky I see what looks like a dead angel falling from the sky. Then I see a red dot in the palm of the parachute above the angel's head, like he is being hunted, only now I see that he looks like a human, wearing an all white jumpsuit.
     "Stay in the air. Stay in the air," I whisper as machinery lands around me and explodes.
     Then I am back in Dallas filming in a bar and my cousin is still somewhere looking for me.  I can feel it. Norah and the crew drink beer and the make-up artist applies more make-up and I think about how I will lose this job for disappearing, but I slip out the back door anyway. 
      All I can think about is the man/angel in the air falling and the cousin in the streets looking for me and wonder what the two mean. If anything.