Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reluctant Home School Momma Part 3: Curiel School is Cool

     We started back to school last week, as what we call a soft week. We made a list of things we needed to finish from the end of last semester and each morning I asked the kids what they wanted to work on that day. They chose something from the list and as they finished a task, they checked it off the list--you know, very Montessori like. At the beginning of last semester I created forms for them to fill out and work just like this, but as it is with most new strategies, I had a hard time letting go of the old ones.
    BUT, my kids worked harder and longer when they chose how and when they would work than on the days when I broke the lessons up.
     I LOVED it!
     I had recently told a few moms that I thought I might be spending too much time teaching, because that's what I do. I still have a hard time sticking with the workshop/conference model even though I BELIEVE in it. 
     We are not sure how long we will home school and which variations of homeschooling we will attempt, but when I find something that works, I get excited.
     So, I'm starting off the new semester with a renewed energy and a new major tool in my belt. We'll see if we can keep the momentum rolling.

Here's a painting by Chloe, the first two paragraphs of a short story by Caleb and a poem by Chaz!

Left by Chloe Curiel

Darn That Dream 
by Caleb Curiel

     Nothing beats a cool, crisp morning of fishing for rainbow trout in a hidden, sandy-floored river; it’s nerve-numbing water traveling at a mild current. And Jacobi was no exception. Every third Saturday of the month he, his father and his brother would wake up at 4:30 a.m. Jacobi slept extra light that night for he knew the merriment to come. As soon as the first alarm went off he leapt out of bed already dressed, he skipped down the stairs and cramming a breakfast burrito into his mouth before the second beep. They had packed the night before; they had to learn the hard way that looking for a tackle box while you’re half asleep in the dark is never a good idea.
     Once they were already to head out, one by one they piled into their fixed up cutlass supreme, the outside of the car looked more than fine, but the lining in the ceiling was ripped off so occasionally some orange foam would drip onto your cloths or in your drink. Eventually they reached a hole in the wall bait shop that only sold one kind of bait: worms. 
   The royal blue Oldsmobile pulled up in front of the shanty. Furious, Jacobi’s father hopped out and left the car running, Jacobi leaned over from the back seat and killed the engine.  Before he retreated back to his seat he caught a disapproving glare from his older brother Luther. Jacobi knew good and well that his O.C.D got on every last one of Luther’s nerves, but it never occurred to him that what he was doing annoyed his brother until after the fact.

Rock and Roll 
by Chaz Curiel

 I play rock and roll.
Parents hate the soul blues.  
 They think it’s a waste of time
to be rhyming those things
that we call words.
Those words contain our secrets-
love and hate;
People may tell us that this is crap
that we are just killing our brain
 but the music is not doing
anything bad.
 It’s just showing about the people
who made the music
and maybe died as a hero.
 So parents yes, the music may have some foul words
but don’t go telling your kids
that it’s a bad influence.
Let them decide whether they like it or not.


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White Dalia said...

Your kids are amazing, I love what they have done on their own because of you :)