Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jubi's New Duds! Sour Grapes in tha . . . Bus:)

Today is the day, Jubilee, our bus gets painted by local artists Sour Grapes. We are truly stoked!
we will be parked outside of Dolly Python for most of the afternoon. The painting starts at 11-ish and should last for a few hours. Dolly Python is having a customer appreciation party as well, so stop by and hang out and see some art in action!

Dolly Python
1916 N. Haskell Ave.
Dallas, Texas

Sour Grapes at Neiman's earlier this year.

Sour Grapes at Neiman Marcus from Carlos Donjuan on Vimeo.


marthasmrvl said...

I actually saw a bus that said Jubilee and the sour grapes painted beautifully drive into Laredo earlier today. The artwork is gorgeous and colorful.

marthasmrvl said...

Earlier today I saw a bus arrive into Laredo that said Jubilee on the front and the Sour Grapes on the side. It was painted beautifully and colorful.