Friday, September 16, 2011

Laytonville: Ethan's Portion

           Laytonville, California: My new home. For the last few days I’ve been placed here with the Curiels. The fact that tomorrow will mark a week in the same spot really doesn’t mean much to me. This being because of the incredible surroundings: wooded mountains, cold nights, and “all the stars”.  I’ve learned many things through God, the Curiels, Dan, and Patti.
            Dan and Patti are the sweet people whose house we’ve been parked beside. Dan is one of those people who always has a story to tell and an opinion about all things. He’s like my dad, a guy that primarily works and can never get the grease out from under his nails, but has done more stuff in his lifetime than most. Thanks to him, I learned how not to stack wood and the difference between a Doug Fir and an Oak, I think.
            I’m working on not taking the beauty around me for granted. Reading the Word with a mountain in front of you can bring passages in Psalms into perspective; Psalm 121 is about looking to the mountains for help and I had definitely been looking at mountains that day.
            Our time in Laytonville might have been one that others would see as a time to panic but God put us here and I think our little gang knew that. It’s been great seeing how God has used the people and settings around us to supply our needs. 

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Hani said...

I learned the same lesson about enjoying the beauty of God's creation while in Laytonville. Sometimes I walk out in the evenings and the sunset, the sky, the vegetation and all God has made, makes me wonder if I have been blind for most of my life. What comes to my mind is just how amazing God reallly is.