Friday, December 23, 2011

Forty-Part Duh? and Tres Bonne

After my party, on my actual BIRTH day, Chris took us to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Ali Baba's. We were so stuffed with hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush and lamb, we all went home and took naps on the floor. happy and miserable all at once.

I had a few days to recover from that before the next weekend part of the par-tay.
My sister, CJ had a major surprise planned for me.


She came to my apartment bearing a gift and Mimosa's, scooped Chloe and I up and whisked us away to the Nasher- Chloe and I LOVE the Nasher. We had out best Mom and daughter date there a few years back that invloved buying a FIona Apple CD, memorizing all the words before we hit the mosaic shop, made a work of art, hit the Nasher, stared at the sky sculpture and made up a poem and recorded it on my phone. It was truly magical.

This time, at the museum,  a few more friends joined us and we ate lunch like REAL girls do, sitting down with napkins in our laps.

Tony Cragg

After we toured the exhibit, we sscooted over to the hotel -the ADOLPHUS mind you, in DECEMBER! WOOT! It was smack dab beautiful.

Chloe admiring the Fleur de Lis.

We played board games that were anything but boring and stuffed our faces with hummus, portabella mushroom lasagna and some drinks.

A pregnant Kara rocking the CRANE in QUELF!
Then we  made our way to Uptown Bar and Grill for what?
Oh, you know it, KARAOKE! (Chloe went home with Dad after the games.) We started out slow, singing along with the the first brave souls from our tables, but that didn't last long. Grace rocked "Friends in Low Places", CJ and I butchered some Sir Mix-A-Lot, and we closed the place down with the best EMO version of Reba McEntire's "Fancy" EVER!

Grace, putting Garth to shame!

We closed the place down and headed back to dreamland:)

My best friend at three in the morning.

AND THE NEXT MORNING! We had brunch!

Iron Cactus!

UGH-birthday gluttony! It's gonna take me a decade to recover from my birthday week, but it was SO worth it!

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Anne Mateer said...

How very fun! You'll always have very special memories of #40!