Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Wish List

Just to make it public, here are some gift ideas. Not that anyone in my family reads my blog:) I usually ask for breakfast, a poem, art, a song or short story, but the last few weeks have been so busy for my kids, I feel guilty. Here is the materialistic list anyways:

Black speed skates, with street wheels.

A kite, simple diamond shape. Either one solid color, so it looks like someone stamped the sky with it,

or stained glass, so that it looks like a window in the sky

a jump rope with wooden handles, and metal rings so that the actual, real rope swivels inside the handle:)

A nerf football, because the last one the kids bought me, was lost by  . . . the kids.

And just to prove I am a grown up, a manicure, pedicure, a DMA membership, (Kimball would be even better) and a haircut. Also a trip to my favorite thrift store and an hour of Chris's time as he sits outside the dressing room to be the rear view approver.
I am guessing I will get the kite and maybe the jump rope and most likely the trip to the thrift store. The skates have been on the list for four years:)

Happy Mother's Day, Momma's of the World. Hope you have the blessing of healthy children who rise up and call you blessed.

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