Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm starting to really like my city, but geez is it changing!
I found myself crossing the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge last Saturday and I was completely turned around. I think I was a bit mesmerized.
It made me think about our Grandmothers who used to shop and dine downtown as young women, but have been too nervous to drive there for at least twenty years.
"Here's where Titches used to be. And
that used to be Greene's," they say.
But there are not enough memory markers to make them comfortable enough to drive there on their own.
These days,I find myself saying, "My city is changing. Wow. Finally."
I rode the bus downtown for four years in high school, twenty years ago, and I can still find my way most anywhere from Arts Magnet. But back then,downtown was gray and listless.
Today, the buildings, the new parks, the endless places to eat, and venues for art and entertainment make me smile.
But the people, seeing the people living out their lives down here makes me feel happy. Like I live in a real city.

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