Thursday, July 4, 2013

Setting Jubilee Free

The school bus my family and I lived in for three years has been parked behind our church since we moved into an apartment in the Lakewood area, close to the kids' schools. 
In February Chris started talking about selling it, and I immediately felt ill. 
Jubilee had a major impact on our lives (which you can read in earlier blogs) and selling her felt like selling my kid on the black market. 
I asked Chris if we could give her away instead and he said yes. Without even blinking. 
We chose to bestow her on a super- awesome family we have known for a decade who have been a major blessing in our lives!
This week, I am accompanying themas they  take  their family and Jubi to Atotonilco, Mexico to turn her into a Cafe Movil. 
Please pray for us on our journey! And to keep up with the Clark's or Jubi check here!

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