Friday, November 8, 2013

Common is Right

What I thought was going to make the college application process a zillion times easier has only proven to be exasperating.
Maybe it's because Caleb's transcript is pieced together from home-school, private school and community college, or because I have a negative hum when it comes to technology and I keep getting responses that say a certain action is off-line. 
So has my middle finger.
BUT for those of you who are thinking that using the Common Application to apply for college will make this process a hundred times easier because of the opportunity to apply online, you can meet me  at Kinko's bright and early tomorrow morning, where I will be making copies of paperwork to SNAIL MAIL.
I'd offer to buy you coffee, but since I have missed a few windows of opportunity to SUBMIT because of the COMMON Application , I will now be using my grocery money to apply to a couple of private schools that don't even need the money.
It's bad enough I have to turn my kid over to you. Do you have to take my money and sanity, too?
Apparently. Apparently.

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