Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: Is MISSING along with my TREE.

Has anyone seen this tree?

Saturday, I pulled out Christmas decorations in an attempt to get into the holiday spirit. Last year we decided that since we are in such a confined space and one of my little pickles is semi-allergic, to buy an artificial one.
This year, it is nowhere to be found. How do you lose a Christmas tree?
I soldiered on. Reminisced with some of the kids hand-made decorations,
I thought putting some Christmas tunes on, might help lift the mood, but when I opened my Brenda Lee CD case, it was empty. And then to make matters worse, my Sufjan Steven's Christmas Box Set-- also empty.
What should have been an afternoon of decorating turned into and afternoon of me pouring through cabinets and all our CD's and empty cases.
I know, most of you are thinking I should have these on my computer or in my iTunes, but I have had computer woes this last year and not everything was backed up.
I finally found Brenda and two of Sufjan's, but by that time, the afternoon was GONE!
Just like my CD's and tree.
But there will be no blue Christmas for me.
I am now on the search for a perfect and inexpensive tree! Adventure!

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