Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And they shall call his name Jesus

For the last three months I have been teaching the  two and three year-old sunday school class. Next Sunday is the last Sunday of my third glorious tour of duty with most of these kids. The the next time I teach, which might be a while if I go back to school, I will have a new batch of kiddos.

Most people's eyes bulge at the idea of teaching this age, but through all three tours, there was no biting, no fighting and only one bathroom accident with a sweetie pie who wasn't feeling so hot.

We sing songs, have snack, get some wiggles out, review a memory verse, sing songs, listen to a Bible story, make a craft, sing songs, listen to an extra story , and then, we play and sing songs.

The first two times, they would come in all rambunctious and fling their shoes off. Before sitting down for story time we'd line them up against the wall to keep the girls from trying on every shoe possible. After story time they'd respond to EVERY Bible story question  with a resounding chorus of "JESUS!" And they were almost always right.

But last Sunday, sure I'd have them stumped after the story of Naaman, I asked what his owies were called and to my astonishment they actually screamed, "Leprocy!"
All my little smarty pants growing up so fast. What a privilege to be their teacher and to be taught by them.


Amber said...


this made my night

Unknown said...

I'm glad. Thanks for loaning me your little one. I'll never say sticker the same way again-Cuteness!