Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curealities: What We Remember by Caleb Curiel

I wonder if the kids
who rode Jubilee
to and from what they
thought was a waste of time
ever considered that their
temporary mode of transportation was
soon to be home for a
family of five.
The besties who shared secrets
with one another--
did it occur to them that
they were gossiping in someone’s kitchen?
What was the night owl dreaming about
when he was napping in a
stranger’s shower?
Did the thought come across
the driver’s mind that the very
bus he was driving would somehow end up
broken down in central Mexico containing
two families and one couple
on a music mission trip.
I wonder how much really
happens to what we remember?

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Unknown said...

I have never thought about the bus actually being used as such. Interesting...............