Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rumbling City Streets by Chloe Curiel

The way you move to the beat,
 the way you tap your feet, 
and the honk-honk-honking of the cars,
The way you tilt your hat,
the way you shoo-bi-doo scat,
and the shine-shine-shining of the stars.
The way you tap-tap-pop,
the way you groove and never stop,
the slap-ety-slap, tap-ety-tap, shoo-bi-doo-waa.
The way you sway your hips
to the song on your lips,
the shodily-dod-ily, shodi-fa-faa.
The way you snap your fingers 
like no other singers,
and the hus-bus-bustle of the world.
The way you stomp-stomp-boom,
the way your smile lights the room,
and the way we kissed the ground where you twirled.

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