Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday's Much Needed SONGS of the Day: Chaz's Graduation Slideshow:)

Our son graduated yesterday after 11 years of public school, 3 years of private school, and 2 years of home school. The ceremony was held at our church, where we decorated a table in his honor, shared a slideshow and said a few words. Chris and I didn't prepare anything but we weren't too worried about it for some reason.
Maybe we knew Chaz's life is so tied to our testimony, we've told his story too many times to draw a blank. How his birth drew us to Christ. How Chaz would challenge us in ways we could never have imagined and how he would teach and teach and teach us.
We are so very proud of our son.

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Anne Mateer said...

Great video. Congrats to Chaz!