Sunday, October 16, 2011

God Doesn't Care About Football

But he does care about football players. I know, I know, the Rangers are in the heat of a competition and I am most definitely rooting for them. I am 9/10ths as happy when they win and not nearly as sad when they lose compared to the Cowboys. Thank God! The Rangers play a lot more games;)
I blame my mother. My mother, who texted some choice words about her boy, Romo, last game. Basically calling him what he was and telling him what he could do. It was disturbing and hilarious at the same time.
That being said, after a game like he had against Detroit, I often wonder what God is teaching him, and if he is listening. I wonder if I were Mr. Garrett if I would have let him go down like that. Here you have a guy playing injured, who at half time has his team up 23 points. Then he starts tanking. He throws one interception. Then another. How about we focus on running. how about we give him a rest, and then maybe let him come back in the last half of the fourth quarter? Some people say a team is only as good as their quarterback, but I say, a team is only as good as their TEAM.
What are those back ups like and are they BEING COACHED? Are you putting all your eggs in  a basket with some obvious holes in the weave? I'm no expert at coaching football, it's true.
And I am VERY sick of the hard core choke for which Romo is becoming famous. SO much so, that I am threatening to put Heimlich on the back of my next jersey. (Basically, whoever can perform it, is my favorite player.) But still, it felt like the last game could have been saved with some better decision making on the sidelines.
This Sunday, we face the Patriots, Rob Ryan's old team, which could be to our benefit. Romo practiced sans restrictions this week and Miles will be back on the field.
Still, I wonder, when things are so erratic for a player -one week, on top of the world, and the next week, uhm, not-(I couldn't even watch Romo speak to reporters afterwards he looked so down trodden, and I am not a pink, Romo Jersey wearing, kinda chic.) I wonder how they survive as spiritual beings and  I pray for them to be healed in all ways, physically and emotionally. Doing this makes it much easier to be a fan even when we are losing. That being said, I hope our boys are inspired by our other boys who rocked the state last night! I'm hoping for two awesome games in one weekend!

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