Friday, December 30, 2011

Citizen SHIzNip

I had a different plan for the day, I did. I would accomplish at least five important things, if not seven along with all my other normal daily chores.
Getting my driver's license renewed was top on the list, since the bank keeps hounding me and the Education Agency needs me to have a fingerprint on file in order to get a job. I showed up at the downtown DPS, because this one is the "fastest" the nice bank employee assured me. (Apparently, I learned nothing from Occupy America.)
The lines were confusing and long, and there was no way I was going to be done in time to go feed and walk Cookie, my sister,Shay's, pit bull. So I made the call, went to hang with Cookie and took care of some online business and nuzzle with the sweet beast before a noon appointment.

I return to the DPS, snaking my way through what I believe to be a protest of the Governments handling of a foreign country, and finding a lone meter,  load it down with coinage. I wait patiently in line for "information" and for a number I can wait patiently for to be called. 
Unfortunately, someone or something, decided in the last ten tears since my license was last renewed that I was no longer a citizen. Never mind the fact that my Mexican-American grandparents were born here and my mom is third generation Chickasaw and German. Never mind, that I was born at the same hospital where they took John F. Kennedy after he'd been shot, or the fact that I'VE BEEN DRIVING FOR 24 years! 
"You have a green card?" the lady behind the counter asked. AAAAAAGH!
I had to go home and get my birth certificate. What exactly is the purpose of this state ID? They aren't linked up with the official registry of some sorts? This felt a bit shoddy if you ask me. 
I came back with my papers and proceeded to wait again for "information" meaning they will tell me how much money they want me to give them to incorrectly store my information.  I sat in the half lit waiting area getting a tan on half my face. I was determined to cheese big time in my picture. When my number was finally called, I was greeted by a cheerful employee, who fixed my conundrum quickly. She gave me six seconds before the picture flashed and at the fourth second, my face started witching and my smile turned to this. 
Here's to the next decade of citizenship, yo!


A. K. Jackson said...

you write so eloquently... I want more, more of your thoughts, more of what you have to say in your way of saying it... I want the whole novel.... big thick, 250 + pages that takes me on the journey of your wonderful thought processes.... OK, busted, 3 too many classes of wine and a great party with friends who have known me and loved me for almost 25 years.
I love you and want you to publish... you have a story to tell.... I WANT TO READ IT, please.
Much love and happy New Year

Unknown said...

You were always the best encourager. Major blessing to start my professional career next door to you. Much, much love and HAPPINESS to you this new year!