Monday, January 9, 2012

Mondays Much Needed Song of the Day: Shake it Off by Flo and the Machine

I originally thought I'd post this as my New Year's song, but it occurred to me that this is not where I am anymore. I definitely have SO been there. From 2007 to 2010, I was in a pretty dark spot, but strangely enough, it all seemed extremely hopeful. Like Ms. Judy says, tons of tiny eyeballs being open for the first time-shocking at first and then seeing.

During this time a friend gave me a hand held cross. I carried it in my car for a long time, and held on to it through out the whole ordeal/blessing of the last few years. My prayer most days, was just the Word, "Jesus." I gave it away last Saturday to another friend. It felt good to be in the place give it, even though that meant someone else was not in a a whole lot of pain. I at least was able to say "I made it through. YOU WILL, TOO."

And it is hard to "dance with a devil on your back," but I never stopped. It was one of the various ways I shook him off.

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