Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Play is the Thing

Well, it's usually the second thing, because people are THE thing. However, the play I am in now came by way of a person I admire, the playwright, mother and wife extraordinaire, Vicki Caroline Cheatwood, who invited me to join a short story group. During the meet and greet she happened to mention that I would LOVE this new play, The Early Education of Conrad Eppler by a local playwright, Isabella Russell-Ides.

She was right. I loved it. And with a little encouragement from another member of the short story group, Kateri Cale, who by the way, is hysterical in her role as Sister Merry Berry, I auditioned.

Most of you who know me, know I usually only audition for one play a year which means I don't get to always get a part--like last year, when I auditioned for The House on Mango Street which I dearly love and thought I might have the chance to play the part of Older Esperanza. I mourned that part, but the show was awesome without me (sigh) and I was so busy with Chaz's graduation and my sister's wedding, at some point during the madness, I remember feeling relieved at not having been cast.

I don't have so much time to devote to this part of my life, since I have three teenagers who do not drive and an especially cute, but needy husband, but they usually grant me the space and time to allow me to disappear for a month or so into some creative undertaking.
My part in this play, although small, is quite fun. It has allowed me to be involved in a creative process and still be emotionally available to my family. It reminds me of something about myself I haven't finished doing. It keeps me asking, "What if . . . "

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