Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Kidd's Kids Day-Don't Forget by Atmosphere-"The Original Download"

Middle school is usually a time of dread and doom, but thanks to a solid group of friends and fierce cousins, I look back on my time in junior high like Smalls looks back at his summer of wonder in the Sandlot. A big part of our experience was music. In 1984, I switched back and forth between MTV on our only television and 97.1 the Eagle in the solitude of my bedroom. Kidd Kraddick's all request show was not to be missed, and if you were heard on the air, you were a celebrity for at least a few weeks. My friends and I would divvy up songs to request, so we could get a good-mix tape in one sitting, if we were lucky enough to get through. Sitting alone in my un-air-conditioned room in a tiny house in Pleasant Grove, I'd wait with two fingers patiently poised on the buttons for THE SONG I had requested and anticipate the seconds before I pushed play and record- Don't Stop Believing, Hungry Like the Wolf, 1999, Take On Me, 99 Luft Ballons, Billy Jean-Yes! Here is a little song to honor these times by Atmosphere- The promise of Kidd coming to DJ at our skating rink or our teen dance club was anticipated for weeks in advance- clothes chosen meticulously and hairstyle practiced beforehand in case there was a photo op. Besides Mr. Silverman, our beloved science teacher, Kidd was the only adult who understood us. In my adult years, I have listened to the morning show on and off. My music tastes are varied, and I prefer music to the talk format, but I found myself listening last Friday on the way to Athens to see my sick momma. I was feeling nostalgic and hearing the morning crew felt familiar, comforting. And oddly enough, that same day in my mom's hospital room, I saw the show Dish Nation for the first time and reveled in how good Kidd, Kelly and Al looked. And the next day Kidd passed away. Today is the day to donate to his charity, Kidd's Kids. For all those who look back at that time in the 80's and remember your life a bit richer because of OUR local DJ, consider giving. And even if you haven't listened to Kidd in a long time or maybe never, it's still a good cause. Just text KIDD to 52000. Or go here! ://

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