Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: Via Con Me-Paolo Conte

My middle son starts his senior year tomorrow. My daughter started her first "real" job today. My oldest will complete vocational school this year. My kids, my Godson, and  their friends are all getting closer to life on their "own" and I thought I'd post a little song along with a list of words I am praying for them this year.

 1. Patience. You will be in control of your life, sooner than you think. (Actually, you will just realize that you are in charge of letting God guide you without as much help from your parents.)

 2. Wisdom. Many decisions are to be made in the near future, and using what you've learned plus what God is whispering in your ear, plus what your parents are screaming through the bedroom door, will give you clarity.

 3. Courage. If God is leading you to do something out of your comfort zone, I pray you find a scripture, a mentor, a prayer warrior and the strength of the Lord to make it happen.

 4. Tenacity. Be a fierce advocate for yourself and the desires of your heart. Be honest with yourself and your parents when discussing the future.

 5. Joy. That amidst the deadlines, the essays, the tests, the applications, the interviews and the maternal emotional wrecks trying to guide you through the process, you will have FUN!

 6. Peace. That it will flow like a river through your veins, into your heart so the rhythm will match the beat God created for you. I am sure I will add more as we go, but this is a start.

 I love you.



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