Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Remainders of Yesterday

Lines on my face
a pony tail crease
almonds in the cushion crack
Fabric cut from Gepetto's pants
strips of paper from a 
French dictionary and a T.S. poem 


for a birthday card.


paint brushes drying

For thine is the Kingdom
chantar, chantar

and words in my ear
about a Pope
a story, weird 
and cold


Peach Iced Tea
Iced Peach Tea
cane sugar and tiny black ants 
glue sticks
crouton crumbs and a laugh from a
grown boy even though 
I was a moment mad
Salt from images I took in

For Thine is

Leaves inside from the wind
Forcing its way-
A bully night I could take again.
Fists down, face in the wind.

Cherir. . .ah, Cherir.

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