Monday, May 10, 2010

If my mom had it her way, Mother's Day would be during football season.

My family and I are celebrating Mother's day at the Ranch House with my mom when Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, shows up on the TV screen in a sports science episode. 
"Oh, look, " I say pointing to Larry catching a chicken and a salmon. "He said he could catch anything."
I turn to my little momma who leans forward to see past me. 
"How many more months before football season," I ask.
"Aaaah, Too long. I can't wait." She says pursing her lips.
"Me either. I've been having dreams that Barber got caught stealing because they cut him and he couldn't pay his bills. Maybe I should give football up again."
We decide to watch a movie after dinner and ask Momma what she wants to see. "Blindside" she replies, grinning widely. 
Of course. 
Back at her house, on the card table, I see the newly purchased Cowboy's Super Bowl DVD and laugh.
"I haven't watched those yet," she smiles. "Daddy just bought 'em." It might not be football season, but she has to have her little football fixes here and there. 
After watching Blindside, I found out she hadn't seen Friday Night Lights.
"No way. Are you serious? Well don't watch it without me."
Next weekend after we help my sister move into her apartment, we'll watch another little football nugget to help us limp through off-season.

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