Thursday, December 23, 2010

Am I ready?

It's ten minutes until candle light service and I am not ready. I just finished mopping and making spinach artichoke dip among twenty other things to have people over afterwards. I am sleepy and the parsonage is quiet except for the Christmas Carols I have on in the kitchen. 
All day I have been writing this blog in my head and now I don't have time, which will probably be on my tombstone. She didn't have enough time to write an epic anything or even a decent blog about Christmas and all the happenings that go with it.
Like the surprise Shigeko gave me on Tuesday-girly and fun. My sister getting a new job. The last two weekends of gig, party, party and paint and gig party, party, party, party/gig. And the amazing amounts of good food. And Akemi's testimony, a missionary to Cambodia, and how it fits into all this. 
I am behind 260 emails, but I open one that says prayer in the subject line and keep the prayer for her and her family in my breath as I work all day, cleaning and cooking and thinking-wondering what the Lord is doing. How his victory will come down, for her, for us all, this time. This Christmas. 
And am I even close to ready?

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Anonymous said...

YES! You are ready, as always