Friday, December 3, 2010

Curealities: Drowning in Blue by Chloe Curiel

Drowning in Blue

Wallow in whatever’s coming.
The future is an orb,
the one that floats above
a blue spinning flame in
a locked up room with twenty
guards insuring its safety.
They have cemented every crack
of light, every slit of past
and present, and have made
darkness out of it.
The blue hue is the only shimmer,
the only guide. It is
closely watched and protected.
What is to come is something unseen.
There is a great secret, constantly
hushed to keep it that way.
And a blackness where only drowning in
whatever’s left is permitted,
surrounds this mystery.
And I believe that it is so unknown,
that a tangible being could not think it up.

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