Thursday, June 14, 2012


A turning over
and over of the brain.
God, You have my attention.
I feel no need to call out.
You are here.
If You have lips, they are pursed.
I focus on finite details; You don't.
When you are finished adjusting my inward view,
I will get up, move,
decide, with everything paired down-
a tunnel vision created for clarity:
A son's baseball game-go/
no dishes, or laundry, or sweeping.
Just dress, just go.
A celebration for the sister by the pool-relax/
no cooking, or cleaning, or decorating.
Just hang, just relax.
A covenant made by young believers-honor it/
no fussing, rushing, or last-minute wrapping.
Just attend, just honor it.
And so it happens--
Your expectations met in the most intentional way,
in the eye of a brain hurricane.

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