Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's Much Needed Song of the Day: ? by ? and a Raine Wedding Top Ten

A few weeks ago, some good friends of ours were married and the wedding was a blast. One night a few months before, the groom to be, Corey mentioned he had the song that he wanted played when his bride walked down the aisle picked out since he was fourteen. If that's not romantic enough for you, it was performed by a string quartet.
Chloe and I were dumb enough to ask if it was a secret, and right then and there they decided it was. So we spent a little bit of time thinking back to that time period and were totally sure it was a U2 song of some sort, but alas, we were wrong. 
So, to make you experience the waiting and wondering, uhm, a few seconds more, I made a top ten list of things I saw, that doesn't include the actual nuptials, because I wouldn't want to trivialize such a sacred covenant or the luminescent love that flowed through the happy couple all night long. 

Top Ten Things I Saw/Experienced at the Raine Wedding 
(Mostly on the Dance Floor;)

10. Getting eaten alive in the photo booth. (By Chris, of course.)
9. Doing the wobble with my girl, who taught it to me the night before. (And the wop, a bit later)
8. Watching Chris not only eat someone else's fajita meat, but like it so much, he went back for seconds.
7. Seeing Melissa Montgomery learn the Cupid Shuffle.
6. Seeing Josh, her husband, attempt, to learn the cupid shuffle.
5. Ian Bridgeman snaking out onto the floor and he and Chase, getting down, with the get down.
4. Rob Hendrick, asking me a question about a play I had just finished, right at the moment I was about to cry during the Mother and Son dance. Safe!
3. Bethany Warren, shaking her tiny, but mighty booty.
2. Watching from the sidelines as Chandler, the best man and brother of the groom,  and his mother, Mikaela, danced late in the evening. She was wearing his top hat, and at one point, during a turn, it fell to the floor. The next moment, they disappeared behind a pillar, but I could see Chandler's foot as he juggled the hat on his toe, flipped it into the air, caught it and placed it gingerly on his head. Like watching a movie, I swear:)
1. Finally finding out what song Corey had chosen for his bride's processional. Tah-dah! (okay, # 2 is really #1, but it didn't work a s a segue;)

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