Friday, July 13, 2012

Reluctant Sorta Home-School Momma: Tidbits of Goodness

I like my kids, even thought two of them are kind of mean to me forty percent of the time. Betcha can't guess which ones, huh?
But for the most part, hanging out with them is awesome. I am trying to soak it all in before this internal, apron-string rigged time bomb explodes.

Here are just a few tid-bits so you can share in my wonder.

On the way home from, well, it could have been a kajillion places, Chloe says:

"Mom, I have an idea. I am going to write a short story about Adam and Eve's first kiss. You know, the very FIRST KISS." And she does, and it's awesome, and If she doesn't publish it elsewhere, I get to post it here:)

I am at the kitchen counter, when Caleb rushes in and says:

"Mom, you have to read this short story, the third one." He hands me Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger.
"What's it called?" I ask him.
"'Just before the War with the Eskimos,'" he says.
"What's it about?" I ask.
"Not Eskimos. You have to read it."

And I do. And it's weird and I kinda love it. I share in his awe even though I know he was reading in part to procrastinate revising a research paper he didn't do so well on last year.

Chaz knocks hard on my bedroom door, rushes in and says:

"Mom." Even if I look at him he will wait for me to respond with, "Yes." He even does this in text messages, instead of just texting what he needs to tell me.

So, anyway, I reply, "Yes?"

"I wanna write a play of The Sandlot."
"Genius idea!" I say and I am serious. We are going to try to write up a mini-version before school starts again and see if the vocational group at his school can perform it.

As this summer starts to fade into the busyness of the school/work mode, I am hanging on to these moments for dear life, hoping my kids still have room to breathe. With God's grace, I am trying to let these moments lead me, as I lead my children in their giftings without sucking all the fun out what they enjoy.
My fellow sisters in the cause of hoping our children make better choices than we did and lead more fulfilled and less stressful lives, your prayers are coveted.

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