Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweee-T's Tips for Trips

Basically one tip: denial.
I left for Austin this morning and if you don't know this yet, when women travel, they get weird.
Even weirder if they are leaving their family behind.
Which is what I am doing. For a week. And instead of being completely focused on getting my pickles in a row, I planned way too many social activities. It's like it's the last week before school starts and we haven't had all the fun we were SUPPOSED to have.

I packed intermittently, wrote and re-wrote lists that I forgot to post on the fridge, pre-read curriculum info on my phone between trying to do everything and see everyone.

At some delirious point Saturday night, Chris and I made it to the pool to stare at each other without interruption; some much needed gush time before the separation.

Now, I'm on my phone typing up the lists and emailing them to the sweet ones with instructions to only post one day at a time, hoping this will help prevent my husband's descent into an ADD haze. (Think the possum in Over the Hedge.)

And despite all the procrastifun, I managed to make French toast this morning, make it to the bus with clean socks and underwear ON TIME and write this blog.

Here's a little peek into the fun.

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