Thursday, August 30, 2012

Notes from the First Grade Drama Class

Young first grade girl enters the room.
"Is this drama?"
"Yes it is. Are you excited?"
"I want to be the queen? Can I?"
'The story we are acting out today doesn't have a queen."
"So, when can I be the queen?"

My normal, middle-school teacher self doesn't have the heart to break it to her. Not in real-world terms anyway.

"One day, when our story has a queen, you can have a turn."
"Yaaaaay!" she squeals.

Just like that.

Later, when we are acting out the safety tips from Officer Buckle and Gloria, I ask why we don't go swimming in an electrical storm.

This is still first grade mind you, and a young, first-grade boy raised his hand.


'An electrical storm has a bunch of lightening, and water conducts electricity, so if you are in the water and lightening hits it,  you will get electrocuted and die."

"Yes. Ahh. Yes," and I turn the page:)

I have met 600 little souls this week with names I am trying to brand into my neurons. They have lots to tell me.

Lord, give me ears to hear.

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