Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three Posts About Ryan on my FB Page

I rarely get political on here. I don't belong to a party, for the same reason I don't sign a card to be a member of a church. I am a Christian. I don't want to say, I am a Christian, a __________. Or, I am an American, a _____________.

I have voted for politicians from both parties.

This is how I make my decision.
I make a list of the issues that are most important to me. ( I pray.)
I put a t-chart on the side of the list, with candidates names at the top. (I pray.)
I place a check under the candidate that agrees with me. (I pray.)
The one with the most checks gets my vote. ( I pray some more.)

That being said, I am not a one issue-voter. I am a ten-twelve issue voter. I land on both conservative and liberal sides of different issues.

Health Care
Right to Life
Americans with Disabilities
Treatment of Minorities
Freedom of Religion
Treatment of Illegal Immigrants
Welfare Reform
Human Rights
The Environment
The Vice President

(I won't lie. The stiff, salesman hair throws me a bit, but I try not to factor that in as a negative.)

I know I should include foreign policy and the economy(unless they involve human rights), but I don't unless there is some glaring irregularity.

Jesus and I will not be discussing these votes when He shows me the movie of my life because He was not left out of the process.

Here are the first three posts I saw from some Facebook friends today. I like the variety I get on the home page. I do not feel like I am listening to a one-sided radio station and often I am amused and informed at the same time.

Ryan's Indian Affairs Votes. Get the hint:/

The line waiting to see Paul Ryan. Sunblock anyone? (Posted by a Ryan supporter.)

Pell, Schmell!

I haven't made my t-chart yet, but I can tell you that as a result of some Obama spending cuts, Chaz's budget for specialized therapies was cut in half:/(Americans with Disabilities)

I can also tell you that Mitt Romney worked (and I believe is still in the pocket) for Monsanto:///(Environment, Human Rights, Economy-glaring irregularity.)

This might be my fist presidential election to Write-In.

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