Friday, July 15, 2011


We didn't meet up with Mark Weaver, a musician and supporter of creative music,  right away and the only way we had to reach him was via facebook. We stumbled upon 516 Arts where we found contact info for Mark and saw an encouraging exhibit. One that made me feel like maybe how we are living is good. And yet we are considering getting jobs and moving into a house when we get back to Dallas. 
Who knows what we will do?
One of the pieces was an interactive city exhibit. We had to follow a trail of sketched city landmarks to get to the forest where we found a sign that said "NO Entrance to the Woods. Extreme Fire Danger. You will be prosecuted."Here is where usually I would say, "Oh, well, we better go back." and Chris would say, "Let's do it anyway." 
But in recent years,and the farther we are from home, our roles reverse.
We didn't go in. But I don't mind closed doors. Sometimes I burst through them and sometimes I go another way. And that's okay.
The wind bullies
 the flames 
which keep us from the forest. 
Extreme danger
they say. 
You can not hear the we song today. 
You may stand on the paved trail 
concrete underfoot,
 A world away from the thing- 
It makes the song
you know, the wind. 
The bully, the friend.

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