Saturday, July 23, 2011

Laytonville: Day 2

The next morning Chris and I awoke to the sound of a diesel engine at our back door. I was trying to see put of the window when Chris nailed me in the lip with his elbow!
Good start;) Dan seemed to think it was an easy fix and we were ready to go by noon. Chris went down to the resource center to film a local poet while Chaz and I stayed at the parts store to charge phones and cameras.
By the time Chris came back, the chirping noise was back, so we called Dan and waited for him to come back to check it out.
We walked the strip in Laytonville, hitting the thrift store, Pour Girls and Book Bunny before we headed to the resource center to use the free wifi and charge our stuff again.
It was nice and cool in the shade and Chris napped on a table and worked on some art. Chaz caught up with friends at home, Caleb ripped a CD, Ethan checked on his financial aide and I attempted to upload video;)
The bad news was the alternator had to come off and Dan would need to begin again in the morning. The good news was he took us around the corner to his house and downed us as he calls it;)

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