Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What it IS-On the Road

We have been praying about rolling Jubilee out for a LONG time. When the Lord asks you to unravel your life and take hard looks, you don't ge what you want right away because sometimes you have deceived yourself for so long, you don't even know WHAT you want.
The beginning of this year found us repeating the words-diligence, diligence, diligence.
We made a list of "things" that needed to happen before departure and now we are down to, making a few more bucks and well, then, actually . . . leaving.
It has been our hearts desire to roll around a bit and take what we have to offer with us. We are hoping to leave out Monday afternoon. We will be traveling through New Mexico, Arizona, California, (Oregon and Washington only if we make enough money on the way) Utah, Colorado, and back to Texas unless, well . . . unless otherwise directed by the Holy Spirit. We have a few possible gigs and a few possible places to plug up to and stay overnight. We have some street art ideas, instruments, a new sewing machine, sharpies, chalk, paint and some good books and our good friend Ethan to help us hand with Chaz.
We need now to have your prayers and any suggestions for places to play, look at art, participate in creating, hold artist interviews and basically encourage and be encouraged in any way we possible.

I have pasted the link for What it Is into this blog for MAYBE a better explanation, or MAYBE more confusing.

Please let the praying commence.

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