Saturday, July 16, 2011


We arrived at noon and parked on a small hill in front of a bed and breakfast. The weather was amazing!
We headed for the town square, me with my computer to do some downloads and Chris with his trumpet to get some practice time in. Quite a few people talked to Chris about the music scene and said he should come back down that night around 7. So we made plans to do just that.
This town had it all. Small town living with big city taste. Murals, cool ones;) Outdoor music and nightlife. Skateboarders and bikers and political science majors and cool lawyers who let us park in front of their building when the bed and breakfast asked us to move;) They even let us charge our jump box and get water from the spigot. And a prayer house two spots down from where we parked that let us come in, brush our teeth and charge phones, even though no one was there- I just called the number I saw through the window and they gave us the code!
Then we were greeted by Spencer, a trail conservationist, who invited us to potluck later that evening. Chris and I headed out for a bike ride in the beautiful mountainside and found some nice trails.
We made some curry chicken salad and grabbed some fresh green beans which went perfect with Krysta's  lebna. Spencer made these amazing bean and rice burritos, ate some shepherds pie and a yummy phillipino drink made by Melvin called halo halo and talked Krysta'a ear off!
We received lots of information about the Redwoods;the best way to get there and where to go with the least fog. Wonderful hospitality!
Video and pics to come!
When we headed to the Grand Canyon the next day, we definitely didn't want to shake the dust off our feet. Wanted to take of that with us!

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