Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pre-trip Gratitude

A zillion thanks to the following people in a stream of consciousness order. If I forgot you in this list , never fear, you'll most likely get your own blog where I, in a mortified star of guilt, grovel for forgiveness and thank you profusely!

Kara for instigating this trip
Rich and Sandy for the extra filing work
Janine and Adrienne Lane for letting us fit in the clean and packing job
Cindy for prepaying for work
Grams (Patricia Mason) for the chairs, the flip flops, the last minute dinner, and  most importantly taking care of / spoiling Shelby;)
The Oas's for the gift
The Kohl's for the snacks.
The Perry's for the home made going away cookies
The Clarks (Nathan and Rachel) for the offer of steak dinner even though we had to cancel (postpone;) because of the accidental brake line mutilation and their constant support
Common Grace for letting Grace flow, spiritually and tangibly 
My sister , CJ, for holding my hand through the Costco ordeal (  I have issues) and helping me run last minute errands and taking my car to my parent's house
And to my dad for working on it while we're gone
Raymond and Chandler for the income earning opportunity
And to Cory Raine for taking over Chris' jobs while we're away. Feels good to know our clients are in such GREAT hands. 
Our church family, family and friends for praying for us! 

We are definitely feeling the love in all kinds of ways!  

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