Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday in Hollywood

Technically. We should have been somewhere in Colorado by Sunday morning, but well, we were back in Hollywood. This time not as tourists. The brothers and sisters at The One Thing Church gave us a warm welcome. The pastor, Bryan Chan hopped on the bus and showed us where to park. They had hot coffee and candy bars and plugs and water and music and a Fresh, right on word from God and BOY, were we needing it.
Chris even played with Shun- Lee who was filling in as worship leader . After the service I m not sure if ramen noodles were cingular out of our ears or the look othe fact we looked at the candy bar table like an angel had descended from heaven but someone put enough change in our pocket for a hamburger!
We interviewed Shun Lee and Karen about the GreenHouse and Hollywood Connect. That will be posted soon!
Later that might, after meeting a few people curious about the bus and taking pic, we headed back to Hollywood Blvd.
Chris busked, and made some nice " change!"
We took in the evening sights and cool air. Last night in Cali chillin'.

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