Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weddingland Part 1: Carmon and John Watts' Reception (Setting)

Chris has been asking me when I was set to depart Weddingland and now the day has come near. It's been two weeks since CJ's nuptials and I am just now starting to feel normal. I am still putting scissors and crafts and vases and little cheese knives back in their places as I find them, but I am close.

I now understand why weddings cost a but ton of money.  

I have started saving for Chloe's even though, after this wedding, she could probably DIY her own in her sleep.  I would like to spare her the need to, so she'll only have to want to.

It was hard work. It was fun work. I even think it was pretty and tasty work. Plus, there's nothing like the reward of a HAPPY COUPLE and the opportunity to dance ourselves delirious. If only I hadn't changed INTO the red boots. The ankle blisters are now hard scabs. Real pretty, I tell ya.
Here are just a few setting pictures I took of the reception, held at the home of William and Aurelia Drake. I don't have any of the ceremony because I was running around like a crazy person trying to finish things up. And I'll post more of people in the next Weddingland edition.  Stay tuned.

Daisies hang from the trees.

Wish tree on an old sewing stand.

Lovebirds dressed by Cindy Camp.

Cake table decorations by Chris and Chloe and I:)

We had brisket, baked beans, hot potato salad, pasta, and a spring mix, but alas, no pics-yum!

Margaritas and Cran-Twists


Signs cut by Martin painted by Chris, Chloe and I.

Time to eat.

This is where we got our groove on.

Chelsea Handler graces the wine tray with her well wishes;)

The HOT seats!

More to come!

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