Monday, July 18, 2011

LA-Day 1

We rolled into LA and went straight to MOCA to check out some street art while we waited to hear from our friend Lori about doing an interview.
There is a hill in front if the museum that all human drivers should avoid. Especially drivers in an old school bus. SCARY! Ethan has not asked to drive the bus since.

We decided to hang in Hollywood while waited for Lori to get off work. After driving around looking for a parking spot forever we picked a two hour spot a few blocks away, on the side of a cute house.
As we gathered on the sidewalk, the owners of the house walked up and asked us if we were broke down or needed anything. We thought we were gonna get in trouble-ha!

Shanah and Kevin and their friend, France were so kind to us. After hearing about our trip and interviews, Shanah, the director of the Art Council of Hollywood gave us her card in case we needed artist or event information and they let us use their neighborhood pass so we could stay in our spot longer. 
The usual tourist attractions were calling our names, so we headed to the boulevard where my feet didn't even come close to Liz Taylor's, Cookie Monster and Elmo were making some serious change taking pics with the kids, I found Jerry Lewis' star, Ethan bought the token t- shirt, Chris did impersonations of all the usual suspects, and Chloe and I gawked at the Betty Page DRESS store! 

After seeing all we could stand, we rolled into Echo Park and a neighbor moved her car for us so we could have two car lengths! Thanks Edith!

We had planned to get an interview and hang for awhile , but Lori was so gracious to us. We cooked in her kitchen and shared our dinner, took showers there, and the kids even spent the night in her apartment. What a Blessing!

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